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Press Release: Introducing the Sykes XH250

Meeting the evolving dewatering needs of the mining and quarry industries.  , a leading name in the realm of dewatering pump solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the XH250. Developed with the distinct requirements of the mining and quarry industries in mind, the XH250 is set to revolutionise dewatering operations

New XH250

PREMIUM RANGE (PR) INCLUSIONS Structural steel base. Galvanised steel, two-point lifting frame complete with engine canopy. Manual diesel fuel fill (lockable). Pump and engine control panel with emergency stop as standard. Heavy duty battery with battery box enclosure. Vacuum (suction inlet) and pressure (discharge outlet) gauges. Pump operating range sign for optimum pump life and

Post-Commissioning Training

POST-COMMISSIONING TRAINING The Sykes Service team design and deliver several training options: These can be provided in-situ at the customer’s site or at one of Sykes’ facilities. Training options include: Post-commissioning pump system operations training Preventative maintenance and service training Operator refresher training Training is tailored and bespoke to each site. Please get in touch

Commissioning Service

Commissioning Service Sykes’ commissioning service ensures that the client’s system is designed, installed, and operated to meet their operational requirements. The professional installation and commissioning of pumps is the first step towards smooth ongoing operations. Our trained Pump Technicians will arrive on site to perform the pump commissioning checks and guarantee the pump has been

Leadership Team

Leadership Team Glen Priestley General Manager, Global Head and Director of Glen joined in 2020, bringing with him over 25 years industry experience across Australia, Asia, China and USA. A qualified Chemical Engineer, Glen also holds an MBA in addition to his wealth of experience in business leadership and executive management roles. Glen’s technical skills


Business structure Why is AllightSykes becoming two separate companies – Allight Pty Ltd and Sykes Group Pty Ltd? Both companies are global leaders in their respective markets and the next steps to deliver to the strategic plan most effectively is as two separate companies. This enables a greater focus on the individual strategies and operational

Primax puts you in control of your water

We all know how essential water is and also how damaging it can be when it’s not in control, especially on a worksite. You want your water to work for you, not against you, and that’s where Primax comes to the fore. We have built a reputation for being at the forefront of dewatering pumping

Dewatering Pumps – How to avoid the flood

Dewatering pumps play a pivotal role in the mining and construction industry. For mining companies, dewatering is an ongoing process – generally, the deeper you dig, the more water you need to remove. For those involved in construction, a dewatering pump is often brought in at the beginning of a project, well before any digging

Perkins – The difference is in the detail

The difference is in the detail Have you ever wondered what’s happening deep inside your engine, why your parts are designed and manufactured the way they. The videcs below take you through your engine step by step. Let’s take a look inside… Filtration first Truly the first line of defence for your engine, your filters