About Sykes Group

In 2017 Sykes Group Pty Ltd celebrated our 50th anniversary of operation in Australia. Originally trading as Henry Sykes Pty Ltd, the company became a wholly owned division of Seven Group Holdings. Today, Sykes Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of dewatering pumps.

Sykes is a global brand with pumps operating everywhere from the Middle East to North America and throughout Australia. Our continued investment in research and innovation has empowered our customers to resolve a wide variety of water management issues, whether it’s an unexpected flood or a controlled mine site excavation.

While Sykes Group pumps are often regarded as robust and reliable, we are also leading the field for energy efficiency. This can be attributed to our extensive range of pumps that are designed to suit the customer’s unique application and the use of superior corrosion-resistant materials which extends the life of the pump. Being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), means we are continually refining our pump designs to make them even more efficient, quieter and eco-friendly.

Research and innovation will always be part of Sykes Group’s future. We recognise that our pumps are used in some of the most extreme environments and must be designed for performance, safety and cost-efficiency. We aim to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and remain the first choice for pumps worldwide.

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WHY Sykes Group?

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Our in-house engineers and tech experts will work with you to create bespoke solutions for your project.

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Our pumps are designed to handle the most challenging and demanding environments. Using our in-house engineering team, we can custom-design pump packages to match any specification.

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We design and manufacture pump packages that delivers optimal efficiency and minimal downtime. Even operating in harsh conditions, our products provide a safe and cost-effective solution.

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We provide a wide range of pumps to handle all types of water-based issues. Whether above or below ground, Sykes Group can offer a solution.

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If you need advice on a particular part, our parts and customer service technicians are always available to offer qualified, professional advice.

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As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we keep plenty of stock on hand and can provide quick access to the parts you need.