When we started designing our Sykes Group pumps, we set out to produce the toughest dewatering pumps in the world. We knew that if our water pumps could withstand Australia’s harsh conditions, they could perform in any climate. Now, more than 50 years later, Sykes Group pumps can be found worldwide operating in areas such as the Middle East, Africa, North and South America and, of course, Australia. 

From urban worksites to flood water control, our wide range of robust, reliable dewatering pumps provide efficient water management solutions. Sykes Group pumps are universally recognised as one of the most reliable and energy-efficient pumps on the market. Even though we may be the frontrunners in energy efficiency, we’re continually investing in research and development to improve our dewatering equipment and pass on even bigger energy savings.

Our quality engineering and extensive experience means that you get a product with lowering operating costs, reduced downtime and a longer life-cycle. This is why Sykes Group remains a major force in water management across the globe.

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Sykes Yakka

As one of the world’s most versatile dewatering pumps, the Yakka is lightweight in design and offers excellent maneuverability. It is perfect for any application requiring a sound attenuated 3, 4 or 6 inch pump.

Sykes Medium Head

The Sykes medium-head dewatering pump range has been developed to operate in harsh mining, construction and sewerage by-pass environments. All pumps feature high water flow and long pipe runs.

Sykes High Head

Sykes high head dewatering pump, like all of our pumps, is a true self-priming pump and does not require manual priming of the suction line or filling of a priming tank to begin normal operation. They are designed for applications requiring a higher head or pressure.

Sykes Extra High Head

The Sykes extra high head range  of dewatering pump was designed to cater to the demands of the global mining industry. As mines and quarries go deeper it is essential to have a reliable extra high head pump to ensure pits remain as dry as possible so mining can continue uninterrupted.

Sykes Contractor Low Head

Sykes contractor range of dewatering pumps are robust and heavy. This makes them an ideal choice for the construction, mining and rental industries.

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We design and manufacture pump packages that delivers optimal efficiency and minimal downtime. Even operating in harsh conditions, our products provide a safe and cost-effective solution.

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We provide a wide range of pumps to handle all types of water-based issues. Whether above or below ground, Sykes Group can offer a solution.

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