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We all know how essential water is and also how damaging it can be when it’s not in control, especially on a worksite. You want your water to work for you, not against you, and that’s where Sykes Group comes to the fore. We have built a reputation for being at the forefront of dewatering pumping solutions, aimed at keeping your worksites dry, safe and productive.

Dewatering pumps

Dewatering essentially refers to water control; the removal of ground or surface water to lower the water table. It’s so important to manage this on a worksite as it provides a safer workplace for your crew and makes operations more efficient.

When it comes to construction sites, dewatering is usually required as one of the first steps before workers can start sub-surface excavations for foundations, shoring or cellar space. On mine sites, dewatering is usually an ongoing process across the lifespan of the operation, providing safe and productive access to minerals.

Sykes Group designs, manufactures and stocks a wide variety of dewatering  pumps to effectively handle the water on your site effectively and efficiently.

Sykes dewatering pumps

Submersible pumps

As the name suggests, these are submerged either partially or entirely in the fluid that requires pumping. Submersible pumps do not require priming and can be hung off a gantry at an appropriate depth, pontoon mounted, or sit on the bottom of a sump. Submersible pumps require less operating space and can be run off the site electrical supply or from a diesel-driven generator. Hydraulic submersible pumps can also be supplied, powered from an electric or diesel-driven power pack that is mounted on the sump wall. Submersibe pumps are ideal for applications where the suction lift exceeds 7 meters vertically or where excessively long suction hoses would be required.

Submersible pump solutions


Centrifugal automatic priming pumps

These pumps are generally positioned on the sump wall with a suction hose running down into the liquid. The pump is fitted with a priming system which evacuates air from the pump and suction line, creating a vacuum or low pressure which allows atmospheric pressure to force water into the pump and subsequently priming the pump. Automatic priming pumps can be diesel-driven, electric-driven, or trailer and pontoon-mounted.

Dewatering solutions, pontoon-mounted


Well-point piston pumps

A positive displacement pump, which by nature are automatic self-priming. The benefit of this is that they can handle air, water or a mixture of both without requiring a separate priming system. They can also run dry without damaging any part of the pump. This system works particularly well on construction sites to lower the water table.

Well-point piston pumps


The Sykes Group experts can help you determine which pump system is right for you and provide the equipment to get your dewatering done. From our in-house designed and manufactured Sykes pumps, to ready-made products, all our systems are built to meet the highest international quality standards.

Trust Sykes Group’ pumps to keep your workers and business safe.

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