Primax pumps amongst ‘best of show’ at ARA trade show.

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PIC CAPTION: Officially recognized as displaying one of the best products at the entire show, the AllightPrimax sales team proudly stand by their Primax Pumps at the ARA Trade Show. Doug Bartholomew, Darren Coles and Dale Waters (left to right).

Each year, the American Rental Association (ARA) organises its ever-popular Rental Show. And this February, bustling New Orleans was the host city with the ARA Rental Show attracting nearly 3000 rental operators from across the USA. Lining up to see the latest products, over 12,000 people walked through the doors – the highest number in years.

“A real tone of optimism was in the air, with many exhibitors commenting on the buoyant mood” said Darren Coles, the International BDM for Sykes Group, “I believe the up-beat buzz in the venue – over the entire 3 days – was a direct reflection of the optimistic conditions now prevalent in the US rental market”.

At the event, Rental Management Magazine (the official magazine of the ARA), conduct their highly anticipated “Seen on the Floor” review. The magazine editors, with their fingers firmly on the pulse of the US rental market, review literally hundreds of exhibits, selecting the most innovative and popular products to feature in their magazine.

One of their top picks was the range of Primax Sewer & Waste Pumps from AllightPrimax (also known as Sykes Group in some world markets). The magazine noted how these powerful pumps are designed to prevent clogging – even tough stringy-material is no match for the shredder claw.

As Darren explained, “We’ve designed and manufactured a brilliant, fit-for-purpose pump – the non-clog impeller is perfect for heavy industrial waste. The claw and pocket feature help break down and move any large material out of the way, making these pumps as reliable as possible when pumping sewerage and waste. But if the unthinkable does happen – and there’s a major blockage – the easily accessible inspection plate is like ‘a get out of jail free card’ so you can keep pumping and working”.

A range of pumps for the USA rental market.

To be recognized as one of the top product displays is a real feather in the cap for the Primax USA team. Last year, Darren and Doug Bartholomew (Sales Manager – USA) visited the ARA show to gain information for the 2018 foray.

“Our visit last year was mostly about market research – a chance to get a feel for the show” said Darren. “It allowed us to prepare for the 2018 display, choosing products we consider to be perfect for the US rental market”.

Even better, the timing was excellent because Dale Waters, GM Sales, was visiting from Perth WA, the Sykes Group head office. “Dale was able to see first-hand how our investment and commitment to the ARA has been rewarded with brand awareness and real sales success” said Darren.

Dale travelled to the AllightPrimax head office in Charlotte, South Carolina first, before a quick flight to meet the Primax team at the ARA Trade Show in New Orleans. “The fact that my first visit to the USA could coincide with the ARA Trade Show was a fantastic bonus. It allowed me to see the US sales team in action. The passion that Doug and Horacio Rodriguez are demonstrating for AllightPrimax is highly commendable” he explained.

When the judges selected Primax Pumps amongst the best products at the show, Dale was also quick to add praise for the Primax team. “Doug’s product knowledge when engaging with prospective customers on the stand was excellent, and with the addition of Horacio’s sales and engineering experience in the South American market, we certainly have a winning combination under the leadership of Darren Coles”.

In every way possible, the show was a resounding success. Darren was happy to report that “We logged 15 opportunities plus we sealed two significant sales. As a networking event, it’s unmissable. All the top rental companies are there, from the biggest to the smallest. It’s 3 days of non-stop networking action”.

Darren and the team decided to concentrate on the Sewer & Waste Pump market at the 2018 ARA Trade Show. “By placing two of the best-selling Primax pumps on display, we maintained a clear sales focus. And with our pull-up banners arranged neatly behind us, we offered a broader glimpse of the Primax range, including AllightPrimax Lighting Towers”

To learn more about the unique non-clog impeller design of the Sykes Group Sewer & Waste Pumps, call Darren Coles +1 704 587 3377or email

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