Choosing the right Pump has never been easier with PUMP-FLO.


Our latest pump selection tool ​- PUMP FLO – is the most helpful and user-friendly pump selector software on the market today. Even better, you can use it live on the Sykes Group ​webiste. It’s totally free and it’s mobile friendly too.

To identify the exact pump for your needs can be a real challenge. When faced with an urgent, industrial-scale dewatering issue – and with so many pump products now on the market – it’s easy to feel out of your depth when conducting pre-purchase pump research.

Without a full understanding of the technology now available, or a deeper insight into flow capacities and performance curves, it’s not uncommon to see clients choosing the default position and deciding on the ‘bigger is better’ option.

This means, when the procurement process starts, many of these clients will be coming to us and asking for pump that is either oversized or undersized for their actual needs.

“This is not only an inefficient solution, it can also significantly create unnecessary capital expenditure. Even more, in the long term, an oversized pump means they are paying for increased operational expenses beyond their actual needs. Clearly that’s not for good business” said Gert Inja, Pump Product Lifecycle Manager from Sykes Group

“That’s why, as a world leader in Pumps and dewatering solutions, Sykes Group is always working hard to help our customers. We wanted to give our clients access to a simple and effective online pump-comparison and research tool. And we wanted it to be mobile friendly too” explained Gert.

To help our customers – before they start the actual procurement process and ask Sykes Group onsite for an official performance analysis and pump quote – we now offer mobile-friendly access to all of our latest pump products and associated operating data.

“There’s even an extremely clever simulation tool that allows you to perform an online operational pre-test” added Chris O’Brien, Pump Product Specialist from Sykes Group.

“With the ability to compare all Sykes Group pump product specs and performance parameters , it’s never been easier to select the right pump for your needs and budget.

“And now it can be done on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop – you can access this info anywhere, anytime” declared Chris proudly.

The answer is the latest and greatest PUMP-FLO Tool.

PUMP-FLO is the latest, user-friendly software solution that you can download onto your desktop, laptop or mobile device. At your fingertips, it gives you the tools you need to identify the right pump for your specific application.

In addition, once you’ve completed your own pump comparison and selection process, the PUMP-FLO app provides a seamless gateway to contact Sykes Group and begin the official procurement process.

This seamless process includes downloading data sheets and performance curves directly onto an email that can be sent to your Sykes Group pump product specialist.

So if you’re in the market for a new pump, you can now download the mobile pump app and view a broad selection of the most accurate data available, including comparative performance curves and product specs. Plus, you can save all the data sheets you need and even simulate the flow capacity of each pump with changeable operating conditions.

PUMP-FLO® is an industry leading pump selection software. Originally conceived in 1986, it was the world’s first centrifugal pump selection program and this recent upgrade now takes this innovative technology to the next level for Sykes Group.

To get started, simply visit the FREE the PUMP-FLO tool on the Sykes Group website

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