Understanding Business

Business structure

Both companies are global leaders in their respective markets and the next steps to deliver to the strategic plan most effectively is as two separate companies. This enables a greater focus on the individual strategies and operational needs. The increased focus will help the two independent companies achieve stronger growth and reach research and development goals sooner.

No, Allight and Sykes continue to operate under the same parent company.

Yes, we continue to work together across Shared Service functions and at a board level. Both businesses have the same parent company.

The trading/legal entity name change occurred on 1 April 2022. AllightSykes Pty Ltd became Allight Pty Ltd. Pumps will operate under the Sykes Group Pty Ltd legal entity from 1 July 2022.

Sales and Equipment Servicing

No. Whilst our business entity structure is changing, the same great people are here and will continue to work with you and your business. Our partners will see some administrative changes such as changing email addresses, however still use the existing email address and mobile phone number for your key contact and it will redirect when required.

If you do not have a key contact, or want to reach a generic contact, the following should be used:

The existing service team will remain and the knowledgeable service technicians that you are used to dealing with will continue to service all types of equipment including Allight, Sykes and Perkins.

Commercial, finance and accounts

Yes, and ACN details are also different (is this accurate?). Yes, the legal entity name has changed from AllightSykes Pty Ltd to Allight Pty Ltd – the ABN for this entity remains the same. Pumps will operate under the Sykes Group Pty Ltd legal entity (ABN – 61 004 093 752) from 1 July 2022.

The relevant Allight or Sykes Group commercial team will be in contact with our customers to work through product specific contract detail.

Yes, purchase orders should reference the appropriate business name and new ACN, bank account details will remain the same for now.

No, Sykes and Allight orders cannot be combined on the same purchase order.

Dispatch, collection and delivery

Yes, the AllightSykes branches will continue to service the Allight and Sykes brands.

Yes, transfers from one location to another will continue to incur a freight fee.

Engines inventory will be distributed based on historical sales and predicted future requirements.


Yes, new numbers will exist for Allight and Sykes Group and can be found here.
No, our physical locations remain and will continue to provide outstanding support for our customers.