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AllightSykes Acoustic Stackable Pumpset

Sykes Group (headquartered in Perth, Australia) announces the release of the Sykes Acoustic Stackable Pumpset to complement its extensive range of high performing and efficient pumps.

The new product has automatic priming, solids handling capability and comes with 316 stainless steel wear plates and impeller as standard, enabling use for mildly corrosive fluids.

The stackable frame takes space efficiency and convenience to a whole new level, with the ability to stack pump units two high.

Key to this design is the ease of use. The pump can be operated without having to open doors; with the control panel, throttle control, suction and discharge pressure gauges all accessible from the outside. Servicing is trouble-free with all drain ports fitted with isolation valves and hosed to the outside of the acoustic canopy.

Powered by a fuel-efficient Perkins 400 Series or 1100 Series engine, oil change intervals are up to 500 hours, making not only the total cost of ownership lower but also a solid choice for the environmentally conscious.

With two external emergency stop buttons, a fire extinguisher recess and its robust design, safety is a key feature of this pumpset.

Over 50 years of innovative design and manufacturing their own equipment has given Sykes Group invaluable knowledge of how pumps operate in the most challenging and diverse environments.  Sykes pumps are regarded worldwide as one of the most efficient dewatering pumps on the market. Feedback from the field helps their team refine their products that have been recognised around the world.

Glen Priestley, General Manager Pumps says, “We are excited to release the acoustic stackable to the market. We have taken an already great product and incorporated new features our customers have asked for and what is always expected of a Sykes acoustic pump – quiet, reliable, efficient, with automatic priming and material options for corrosion and abrasion resistance.”


For further information please contact:

Danielle Smith
Sykes Group

Sykes Acoustic Stackable Pumpset

Features and benefits

  • Automatic priming so no need to manually prime the pump
  • Solids handling so able to cope with an array of solids
  • 316 stainless steel wear plates and impeller as standard so able to handle mildly corrosive fluids
  • Can upgrade all wet end parts to 316 Stainless, Chromium Steel 500 BHN, CD4MCU, SAF 2205 and SAF507 for abrasive and low PH corrosive fluids
  • Stackable frame which reduces the real estate required to store the units
  • Can be operated from the outside without having to open doors – less noise


  • Discharge flange
  • Suction flange
  • Solids handling
  • Automatic compressor, diaphragm or vacuum priming pump end
  • Open impeller
  • Ball type non return valve
  • Perkins diesel engine
  • Variable speed 1400-2400 rpm
  • S27 control panel c/w engine protection and e-stop recessed in panel
  • External e-stop
  • 205 litre poly fuel tank base
  • Fuel tank bunding
  • Single point certified lift frame
  • Stackable galvanised frame
  • Lockable zinc annealed acoustic canopy powder coated
  • Doors open fully to allow easy access for operation and maintenance
  • Fire and oil resistant foam
  • 67 dBA @ 7m
  • Lockable fuel cap
  • 12V battery kit
  • Residential muffler
  • Exhaust lagging and mine safe radiator cap
  • Float switch ready
  • External drain points
  • Fuel sender
  • Recess for fire extinguisher
  • Suction and discharge pressure gauges visible from outside
  • Throttle control accessible from outside

Market segments

  • Rental
  • Municipal
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas


  • Ground Dewatering
  • Pond Dewatering
  • Mine dewatering
  • Sludge
  • Slimes
  • Sewer Bypass
  • Solids Laden Liquids
  • Ballast Pumping
  • Jetting

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